2012 Fiat 500 pop

Repaired and ready

Clean little sports car, perfect for the city, with its amazing maneuverability and handling. It actually over steers in the bends, it turns so well, you find yourself having to straighten out and relax because you've now turned too sharply, compared to normal steering inputs. They have engineered a sweet growl into the intake when you give it the gas, making it sound aggressive, while it sips fuel with efficiency. Complete enhanced safety inspection, after replacing the front bumper and air bags. Great suspension, brakes, accurate 4 wheel alignment. fresh fluids and filters. Runs and drives perfect. we just reduced the price. 6990.00 buys it, with only 32k miles. At Addams Autocycle, we have 35 years business experience here. Credit cards accepted. Call Kent toll free for info 18888528280