2000 Ducati 996 996s 996 s Special

996 996s 996 s Special

over 9 thousand in upgrades. this is a stunning bike .all of these pieces are casoli moto, very well made, carbon fiber. complete carbon fiber body work,tank gaurds,fenders,v-plate, chaingaurd, swingarm protector,modified handlebars, heel gaurds,plate holder, under tail,airbox, intake runners,and termignoni exhaust. the carbon shows through on the upper fairing, top edges of the lower 998 style fairings,which i shaved at the bottoms to expose the engine, and through the lettering, which i adapted from the seventies pattern, with a modern slant. no ugly k mart looking motiff anymore. all those carbon bits have been sanded and cleared with sikkens urethane, arguably the most bulletproof topcoat on the planet. i also refinished the red paint and gold wheels with it, a couple of years ago and they still look wet. a shine, 6 feet deep.the gold anodised mesh in the fender and v-plate are also clearcoated . double bubble smoked wind screen. corbin leather seat. casoli moto anodised gold clutch cover and sprocket gaurd, red race slipper clutch, which helps remove the v twin wheel chatter on downshifts, as well as reducing flywheel-type rotating mass ,substantially, for much quicker revving. gold evoluzione clutch slave cylinder, relieving pull tension,and the need to replace the leaky factory seals. it breathes in through the open carbon intake runners,a no toil performance filter, is mapped with a custom chip as it hits the fast by ferracci teflon/ceramic coated, high compression pistons. serious mumbo.the acceleration will flatten your retinas, but it has enough midrange grunt to yank over a small barn. it is faster than my 998 testastretta.the valves were adjusted when we added the pistons, 1,500 miles ago. from the open intake honk, to the intoxicating rumble of the twin, and the torque, in spades,your tactile senses are spiked in an exponential curve. curves? that is where it really shines. just shy of 120 horsepower at the wheel, can only be complimented by its rock solid stability.a bike couldnt feel more and planted at speed. like the handle bars are bolted to the front axle.feedback perfection.it draws a CONSTANT crowd WHEREVER it is parked and helps hit your target heart rate every time you ride it.set yourself apart from the crowd.WAY apart. even from the other ducatis.the s models cost a few grand more than the standard bikes, with 9000.00 worth of goodies for free. it is truly one of a kind and would take almost twice the sale price to try and reproduce it. dont miss your chance.the time is now. we also have a bunch of rebuildables in stock from all four japanese lines, guzzi, ducati aprilia. we are not proud. we even sell harleys