2011 Ducati Superbike 1198 SP

Superbike 1198 SP

For sale, MAYBE. this Has been my own bike since 2011, I bought it crashed , as all our bikes are. Cosmetic damage, not structural at all. It was plain looking, solid red like every other one you'll see at bike night. "Oh look, its a another red Ducati" . So I painted it up to look all Christmas-ey, Italian ,and Mike Hailwood -like in it's red-white-greeness. Much nicer, and more durable than the orange peeled looking factory paint. It is stunning, and draws a crowd wherever it goes. It's what Ducati should have done with their Tri colore. It has the bolder , black swing arm at the rear instead of silver. If you know anything about these SPs , this is the final , most refined edition of the 1098-1198 series, with all the bugs worked out and the best one to buy. Plus , they took the $40,000 full fledged, street legal racebike, 1198 R , and put all its options onto these SP models. Electronic shifter, you just keep the throttle open and tap the gear up to the next one without the clutch, while you hear a mini explosive pop of flame from the tailpipe. It is a huge 15mm larger titanium/ carbon fiber Termignoni $4000 exhaust system , that roars like God clearing his throat, tastefully, as its mated with the full race ECU. You can't properly run an exhaust on these without a computer change. I did a track day with it, and it's in absolute glory there ,flattening your retinas out of the corners as the wheels hovers over the tarmac down the straights with so much mumbo. 185 horsepower and about 100 foot pounds of torque. You just stay on the gas while electronic up-shifting thru right-left snaking bends , keeps the suspension perfectly settled as a rock. It has 8 levels of traction control, tone it down for street use, or ballistic for track use. I geared it one tooth down on the front sprocket, a "must "on these bikes being geared too tall to meet epa requirements. It is way snappier off the line now, and throttle roll on is stronger in all gears. The $1200 vented , dry, slipper clutch keeps the back end from chattering as you click downshifts into bends along with the tremendous engine braking from these thumping v-twins, used in harmony with the massive Brembo performance mono-bloc brakes and rotors, and radial master cyclinder . Just 2 fingers squeezing It's front lever has the rear wheel skimming and dancing lightly .The $3200 ACTUAL magnesium Marchesini mag wheels are lighter, and stronger, and make it revvier and more nimble changing direction than the stock aluminum ones on the standard models. And the higher, wider ,bars give more leverage for steering, & provide all day comfort. They feel like they're bolted to the axle with telepathic feedback. It has a Larger aluminum lightweight race fuel tank that holds a few extra liters, which also eliminates the swelling problem that happens from the ethanol fuel in all the stock Ducati plastic tanks. There is a bare aluminum strip exposed and cleared over, setting apart this $3500 fuel tank from the others. It has the $5000 dollar top shelf ohlins suspension front and rear, with the TTX version shock, on the back that you can adjust on the Fly. We changed most of the Bodywork to carbon fiber before we painted it so it looks really slick up close, with several bare areas exposed through the clear. Smoked double bubble windscreen, & the CRG style levers. Regularly maintained with Full synthetic fluids thru it, including the Brake, and clutch fluids changed and flushed annually, as it should be . These rare , stacked SP models are about 10 lbs lighter than stock 370 lb ones, this one is even less. At Addams Autocycle, we have 35 years experience, an A-Plus rating with the BBB, and credit cards are accepted. I'm looking for any excuse to keep it, so please don't offer me less. It is one of a kind, would take more than twice as many bales of cash to try and reproduce one like it. Other plain looking, stock 1098-1198s will be posted for similar money. Come on, get this $40,000 equipped one while you can, with 3 times as many goods, for almost the same price, before I change my mind and keep it.